No More Yearning.
Now It’s Your Photo. 

We can’t help but picture someone enjoying a photograph of the very location they’ve had on their mind – often for many years.

One Deed at a Time

Wishes Come True

Get your own photo that you’ve long wanted. In our world, we’re all about granting wishes. Give us your vision.

Capturing the Priceless

Hope Meets Kindness

You can’t put a price on a precious, personal photo that brings immense joy to someone with health constraints.

Easy to Do

Small Gesture, Huge Impact

Give a photo for someone who can’t get around like you. Capture a place while you’re out and about or share one from your own collection.

We Will Drive, Sail, and Hike in Your Place

We aren’t limited like the elderly and the ill who remain at home or can’t go to the places they’d love to see. We want them to have a photo they thought was out of reach.

Privacy Matters

We won’t share your information with anyone except the photographer. Your story will remain private unless you want to share your experience.

Join Without Obligation

Photographers can be in our community even if they don’t accept invitations to take photos. Keep up with Photography Wishes.

Photo Expectations

People have different skills. As long as you can share something you like (and it’s in focus), we’re certain it will be appreciated.

Wish Granted:
What Our Photos Mean to an Ohio Woman

Meet Elizabeth who received two photos through Photography Wishes. Paralyzed in an accident, she must rely on a wheelchair and would have a tough time getting view of her favorite place in Youngstown Ohio: Lanterman’s Mill. Read her story:

A Service Of...

One act of kindness

Will You Go Near or Far for Someone?

Just one photo can make a difference for years and years in the life of someone limited by his or her health.

Million in Poverty
Billion People with Disabilities
Billion Joy Givers