Elizabeth’s Story

My name is Elizabeth, I’m from Newton Falls, a town with zip (44444 our zip code). I’m originally from Niles, Ohio. Famous President (William McKinley).

When I was 20 I had a motor vehicle accident that left me paralyzed from the waist down. A couple classmates and I used to go to Mill Creek Park on the weekends to just be teenagers. Have fun, walk the trails and take in nature. My favorite part was the water falls and Lanterman’s Mill.

After I had my accident it was difficult to go onto the trails and do the hills. Lanterman’s Mill was still my favorite, but I didn’t venture there much because it was difficult and the hill was too steep for me. When I got married, this is where I had my wedding pictures taken. We actually had permission to drive the limo down the access rood. (Almost got the limo stuck at the bottom). We got the most beautiful pictures taken that day.

So when Mike offered to take pictures for people who aren’t able to get to certain places due to illness, injury or just their knees couldn’t do a trip I took him up on taking pictures of Lanterman’s Mill. It’s in Youngstown, but he made the trip, he understood that I couldn’t get to a good spot to take pictures, because there’s a GREAT spot by the bridge. Mike saw the spot I mentioned and he took the picture. He could see why I couldn’t get to the most awesome spot to take a picture. He took it, then went to explore and understood how much I loved this spot and understood how these pictures he took would make me feel.

When he sent me what he took, he knew exactly what I saw and missed. He went above and beyond the request.