From amateurs to full-time professionals, Photography Wishes gives photographers  an easy way to bring some joy to people – for free. In some situations, a person is stuck at home or can’t get to places because of health limitations.

Become a member of our community without any cost or commitment. But it’s the only way for us to introduce you someone who would appreciate a photo.

By joining, you can:

  • Make a difference in the lives of someone else who will cherish your photo
  • Share your talent and photos of landscapes, buildings, animals, etc.
  • Demonstrate the value of helping others you’ve never met
  • Increase awareness of your photography
  • Generate more leads and sales
  • Connect with other photographers
  • Get fresh ideas to inspire the photos you take

Joining is easy. Just contact us today with some information about you and your interest in nature and photography.

Although you would give a photo for free, Photography Wishes may be a source of extra income. They won’t have any obligation to buy more photos from you (or hire you for some type of photo shoot). But the people you help may follow up with you.

Additionally, your business will make a great impression on other prospects when you note that you participate in a charitable service like Photography Wishes. Soon, we will create a member directory and create digital member badges. We’ll also create stickers, magnets and more.


Q. Will the photos go only to someone who is poor?
No. Anyone can get a photo at no cost because of their situation; they will be discouraged from paying.

Q. Is there a vetting process for photographers?
A. Yes, Photography Wishes will make an effort to get to know you so we can confidently introduce you to someone who would like a photo for their home or to give to someone else. Either way, you’ll make a new connection.

Q. How does Photography Wishes learn about needs?
A. Mostly, it’s word-of-mouth. We’re also using social media, news releases and reaching out to caregivers through organizations and bloggers. New ideas are welcome.

Q. How will I communicate with the people who want a photo?
A. We will get a name, phone number and email address (and mailing address if a print is requested). Photographers agree not to share this information with anyone. With permission from the photo recipient, the email address could be added to an email marketing list (photographers agree not to share the email with anyone else).

Q. Do I send digital files or am I required to ship a print?
A. Ideally, people will end up with prints – whether you provide one or they print your digital image. Photography Wishes will do our best to explain the need. Printing and shipping an 8×10 is inexpensive, but some families may settle for a digital version to avoid the cost of printing. Before agreeing to take and share a photo, you’ll know what’s expected.

Q. Will I retain the rights to my photo?
A. You’re sharing a photo, not signing away your rights. You created the image and own the photo the moment you take it. Photographers will never be asked to do anything that affects their ownership. Inevitably, some people may want to license your image. You can work out the details with them.

Q. Can I include a watermark like a copyright?
A. We would prefer that the photo not have a watermark; those are for online places to deter downloads. Including a copyright symbol or your name/initials may be OK (not preferred). Use your normal practices as a guide. If you give away or sell a photo, do you have a watermark? If you give away or sell a photo, do you always include your name/initials? We would like the photo to be as clean as possible.

Q. Are photographers working as subcontractors for Photography Wishes?
A. No. You’re not being paid.

Q. What if someone insists on paying me?
A. Please alert Photography Wishes if you accept a payment of any amount. It’s yours to keep; we just want to remind the individual or family that Photography Wishes wants to do everything we can to let people know there is never a cost.

Q. What if someone wants a second photo? Should I charge for that?
A. You can set the price for any additional photos. The first one is always free. Members are not allowed connect a free one to anything someone must buy (i.e. no “buy one, get one free offers”). It’s best to wait for someone to ask for a second photo.

Q. What if someone uses my photo and prints many copies, posts to social media as their own or sells it to others?
A. Many people will receive a digital photo because it’s an easy transaction. Anyone seeking a photo will be told the intent is for them – not their relatives, neighbors, or friends. However, like any photo you share or post, there is a possibility others will make copies or sell it. Photography Wishes simply wants to get photos in the hands of people who can’t go where they used to or will never see because of their health. If you have concerns about how your photo will be used, don’t join.

Q. How many requests must I honor to be a member?
A. None.

Q. How often will I be asked to share a photo?
A. It’s 2022 and early in the concept. We don’t expect requests to be a burden at any point now or in the years ahead.

Q. Can I share a photo I’ve already taken?
A. Absolutely. Many photographers have an extensive inventory. We will try to give you as much information as possible to help you select the best photo.

Q. What if the recipient doesn’t like or want what I send?
A. You don’t need to correct or send a new photo. However, we would encourage you to consider the request. Sending a dark image or one that’s out of focus (even with intentional artistic reasons) may miss the point. You want to bring joy to someone. If you prefer to convey an unusual but outstanding artistic effort, that may meet the goal. Use your discretion.

Q. What if my photos are just on my phone or simply ordinary?
A. It’s not a competition. Experience, cameras, filters, lighting and angles all affect photo quality. But your effort, heart and generosity will make a difference in the life of someone.

Q. Can I meet the person who get the photo?
A. It’s possible, but you need to work that out with the recipient. Please remember that privacy will always rule. Even with your kindness, you’re a stranger. We will do everything we can to assure people that you’re the real deal.

Q. What if a minor wants a photo?
A. Minors can’t request photos.

Q. Will I be asked to take or share photos that involve nudity?
A. No.

Q. How soon should I provide a photo?
A. We will encourage people to request photos that can be shot within 30 days. Please try to honor that.

Q. Can people be in the photos I share?
A. Yes, generally if they’re in a public setting, you can take and share photos because of First Amendment protections. Some state laws and school districts may have some narrowly defined and limited restrictions. If you’re concerned, ask a lawyer.

Q. Will I risk injury to take the photo?
A. No.

Q. Can I make Photography Wishes responsible if I get injured while capturing the photo?
A. The requests and locations will never require you to put yourself in danger.

Q. Will Photography Wishes share my contact information with someone who requests a photo?
A. Yes. It’s no different than any other new relationship. If you have concerns, don’t join.

Q.  Can I promote that I’m member and detail the acts of kindness?
A. You can and should mention your membership. You can even share that you took a photo for someone without identifying their name and situation. Photography Wishes helped a woman who has been in a wheelchair for 30 years. We noted that fact and the photo we took for her – without using her name. No one needs to know her financial status or why she’s in a wheelchair. We may get permission to convey some stories. When we do, you can as well.

Q.  Who manages Photography Wishes and pays the bills?
A. Michael Murray Photography owns Photography Wishes. It’s a goodwill gesture with no fees. At some point, as it grows, there may be sponsors who won’t have access to the email data.

Q. Will Michael Murray Photography solicit business from people seeking photos?
A. It’s more likely that someone will hire a photographer who takes the time to shoot and send a photo – for some additional need (i.e. additional shots, portraits, etc.). We simply want them to get a free photo. Other arrangements aren’t handled through Photography Wishes. Michael Murray Photography will be mentioned, but not in a sales sense (i.e. “check out our specials”). If someone asks about services, Michael Murray Photography will respond.