Request Photos for the Elderly and Those with Health Issues

Photography Wishes offers free photos to people who can’t leave their homes or access places they long to see.

What kind of photos do you like? Is there a favorite place or a specific spot within a location? Are you unable – for health reasons – to get to the get to some areas. We’re here to help you enjoy a photo.

Do you know someone in this situation? You can make the request for them. But it’s not a surprise or a gift you give them at some point. We want them to be involved from the start. Learn about Elizabeth and the photos we got for her.

Just contact us today let let us know about a need. You or the person you know about doesn’t need to be poor to get a free photo. We want to do something nice for the elderly and anyone stuck at home or hindered from getting to the places they want to see.

At this time, we can’t provide photos for people who moved and simply can’t return to take their own photos.

We’re trying to bring some joy to the homebound and people with health restrictions because of age, illness.

The process is simple. Just tell us what photo you want; we will make it happen – if we can. Although Photography Wishes is a new way to spread goodwill, our growing network should be able to arrange your photo over 30 days.

Your Privacy

We realize you may not want others to know that you’re often stuck at home – or why. We won’t publish your name unless you want to tell your story and reaction to an act of kindness.

At a minimum, we will need an email address if you only want a digital version of a photo. If you want a print (8×10), we will need your mailing address.

Why trust Photography Wishes?

For starters, we’re transparent about who we are. Photography Wishes was created by Michael Murray who owns Michael Murray Photography, a service of Online Marketing Coach (started in 2010).

Check out testimonials from people who know Michael Murray and his services. Michael, who has lived in northeast Ohio most of his life, can be reached at 8–490-3350. His personal email is [email protected] Michael graduated from Kent State University in 1986 with a degree in journalism and has been involved in online marketing since 1997.

He is a member of the Cleveland Photographic Society and very active in numerous Facebook groups like:

  • Cuyahoga Valley Trail Enthusiasts
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park Views
  • Ohio Through a Lens

You can also see his photos at:


Michael has a long history of volunteering starting in 1986 when mentored a teen through Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Portage County. He also served at a hospice home for the poor Malachi House in Cleveland) and through various church ministries, including low-income neighborhoods in Old Brooklyn and Slavic Village in Cleveland.

What You Can Expect from the Photographers

Photographers who take the time to get you a photo (or share from their personal inventories) will have access to your email and any other contact information. However, they can’t participate unless they provide their own contact information and Michael personally evaluates their online photography presence. He’ll look to see how long they’ve been sharing photos, identify the types of photos they favor and speak with them by phone and/or email and related messaging services. Each photographer must become a member of Photography Wishes and commit to not sharing your information with anyone. They’re expected to be generous with their talent and time rather than try to sell you.

Please do not offer to pay for the photo. We need to do everything possible to ensure that the service is appropriately seen as free – full of acts of kindness that bring joy.

We realize that some people have the ability to print the photo – that makes perfect sense if you can handle that on your end (the digital file is still a nice gesture that photographers make).

Why Are We Doing This?

It became apparent that some people look at photos on Facebook because they can’t go to the areas they once enjoyed or heard about. We can go in their place and bring a lasting image from the very locations they love.

Yes, you can go on Facebook, Instagram or view images on Google. Now you have the opportunity to possess a very personal photo that you request.

It’s a gift sent in love.

The world has an enormous amount of turbulence and grief. It’s also filled with countless people who are more than willing to help others and be kind in a small way. It’s also a simple service. With so many mobile devices and talented photographers, there could be an enormous number of people who give and receive photos. Yes, there will be new relationships and some photographers may end up sharing more than one photo. Please be open to their generosity.

As Photography Wishes grows, we will create more systems and procedures to protect your privacy and step in as needed.

We’re not aware of another service that does something like this. One way or another you heard about this service. We hope you take advantage of it. We address common questions below. But feel free to call Michael directly at 800-490-3350.

You can start the process by making a request and ask questions. Let’s make sure this service works for you before you help us understand what you want).

A single photo through Photography Wishes can:

• Help you enjoy a photo of a favorite place
• Remind you about goodness that abounds everywhere
• Provide a visual connection to a precious memory
• Allow you to get the type of photo you didn’t think you’d ever have


Q. Do I need to be poor to get a photo
A. No. Anyone can get a photo at no cost because of their situation (mostly at home and unable to get to the places they would like to see)

Q. Is there a vetting process for photographers?
A. Yes, Photography Wishes will make an effort to get to know photographers so we can confidently introduce them to you.

Q. Should I pay for the photo if I want to and can afford to thank the photographer for their time.
A. Please don’t. If you or a family member (or friend) can print the photo, that’s great. Either way, we hope you frame it. If you have limited money, you can usually find a frame for $1 or so at the deeply discounted stores.

Q. How much information do I need to share?
A. We need to find the best ways to ensure that there is a real need. Your email address is the minimum so we can send a digital photo. If you’d like a print, we’ll need your home address. Photography Wishes won’t sell your information to anyone; the photographer we screen will only get the information he or she needs to handle your request (the agree not to share your information with anyone). We can speak with you via email to understand your situation and needs. But we may ask whether we can call you if that improves the communication.

Q. Can someone else work out the details with you on my behalf?
A. Yes. We’re very open to that. We just need to avoid asking photographers to take photos that someone could get on their own.

Q. Will I own the photo?
A. You can keep it, but the photographer owns the rights. The photo is for you because you have health limits that keep you at home or prevent you from going places (like down a long trail).

Q. Can I share the photo on social media?
A. We would prefer that you don’t. Some people may post an image and their contacts will think they created it. This is an area we will work on. Obviously, social media would be a way to thank the photographer for their time.

Q. I can’t afford to travel out of state to see some places I used to know. Can I get a photo even if I’m in good health?
A. No. One day we may explore other options for Photography Wishes. But we’re limiting photos to the same state to people who are in poor health or unable to walk very far.

Q. Can I buy additional photos, including variations of the photo I’m given?
A. Yes, work that out with the photographer. But the photographer is not allowed to initiate the potential sale. In other words, photographers can’t offer specials (i.e. no “buy one, get one free offers”).

Q. What if I don’t like the photo?
A. We’re asking photographers to provide their best version. We will continue to evaluate this is it become a concern.

Q. What if the photographer wants to meet me?
A. It’s possible that a photographer may want to hand deliver a photo as a personal courtesy. We’re discouraging that contact. If you’re asked and don’t want to meet, simply say no.

Q. Can a minor request a photo?
A. No.

Q. Can I ask for photos that involve nudity?
A. No.

Q. How soon will I get a photo?
A. We will encourage people to request photos that can be shot within 30 days. It depends on whether a photographer is available.

Q. Can people be in the photos I share?
A. Yes, generally if they’re in a public setting. We may need to help you and the photographer work out what’s possible and reasonable.

Q. Who manages Photography Wishes and pays the bills?
A. Michael Murray Photography owns Photography Wishes. It’s a goodwill gesture with no fees. At some point, as it grows, there may be sponsors who won’t have access to the email data.

Q. Will Michael Murray Photography solicit business from people seeking photos?
A. We won’t. It’s more likely that someone will hire a photographer who takes the time to shoot and send a photo – for some additional need (i.e. additional shots, portraits, etc.). We simply want to coordinate the free photo.

Other arrangements aren’t handled through Photography Wishes. Michael Murray Photography will be mentioned when the free photo is requested. Photographers may share their contact information, including their websites. But they’re asked not to initiate any sales. Instead, they someone asks for additional photos.